CU Promise—Home Loans for Maine

We believe you should be able to count on your home loan and the people who offer it. That’s why we’ve built three important guarantees into CU Promise.

  • Guaranteed Same-Day Loan Decision
  • Guaranteed Closing Date
  • Guaranteed Local Servicing

Learn more about our guarantees on the guarantees page.

The CU Promise loan is offered by CUSO Home Lending. CUSO is a licensed mortgage company owned by Maine credit unions. We have been originating and servicing mortgages since 1993. Our mission is to provide consumers—credit union members as well as non-members—with a full menu of competitively priced residential mortgage products and services with extraordinary courtesy and exceptional service.

CUSO offers the CU Promise loan as well as many other types of home finance options.


10% down, no PMI! Get more house for your money with the 10% down, no PMI option from CU Promise!

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We don’t like waiting any more than you do. That’s why the CU Promise loan comes with a guaranteed same-day decision and closing date!

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Bad Decisions

Everybody makes bad decisions from time to time. But you don't want to make one when choosing your home loan. 

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Sold Your Service

Service suffers when it changes hands...

Just ask this unsuspecting couple how it works out on their date night. When service changes hands, the quality of the service goes down, down, down…

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Puppy Goals

There's something about that moment...

Some goals are bigger than others—like buying a home. You can count on the CU Promise loan as you reach for your goal. It comes with a guaranteed same-day loan decision, a guaranteed closing date, and...

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Pinky Promise

We take our promises seriously...

What happens when two little girls start talking about promises? You get a home loan, that’s what!

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The Moment

There's something about that moment...

There’s something about that moment… the first time your NEW home welcomes YOU home!

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There's NO place for drama in home finance!

What will happen to our happy young couple? They didn’t get a CU Promise loan… we think they should have. 

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